Arctic Change 2017

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Members of the Health, Environment and Indigenous Communities Research Group participated in the 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM), Arctic Change, in Québec City, Québec, Canada, between December 11th – 15th. It was a great opportunity to share, learn and engage with the wider Arctic research community! Our group members collectively participated in the Elevator Pitch Competition, Poster Contest, and presented in a number of topical sessions throughout the week.


Left to right top row Kristeen McTavish, Paul McCarney, Chris Furgal,
Brittany Curry-Sharples, Katie Rosa, Alyssa Sgro, Eric Lede, Shirin Nuesslein
Bottom row: Agata Durkalec, Mark Basterfield, Anne-Sylvie Dasné


Student Day Highlights

Panel Session I: Conservations from the couch I – The role of non-government organizations in Arctic research
Research Group Member Panelist: Kristeen McTavish
Panelists: Dr. Stephen Petersen (Assiniboine Park Zoo), Kristin Westdal (Oceans North), Adriana Kusugak (Ilitaqsiniq – Nunavut Literacy Council), Cayla Chenier (Ilitaqsiniq – Nunavut Literacy Council), Kristeen McTavish (Food Security Coordinator for Nunatsiavut). Facilitator: Cassandra Debets (PhD Student, University of Manitoba).

Panel Session II: Conservations from the couch II – Community based research in the Arctic
Research Group Member Panelist: Kristeen McTavish


Left to right: Shannon O’Hara (Inuit Research Advisor for Inuvialuit), Kristeen McTavish (Food Security Coordinator for Nunatsiavut), Carla Pamak (Inuit Research Advisor for Nunatsiavut), Jody Illasiak (Paulatuk Hunters and Trappers Committee) and Dr. Tristan Pearce (Senior Research Fellow at the University of the Sunshine Coast).

Elevator Pitch Competition




Eric Lede, Shirin Nuesslein, and Katie Rosa’s elevator pitches were all highlighted in the student day highlights video (0:33-0:45).

Presentations in Topical Sessions

Topical Session: Food Security in the Arctic – From Understanding to Action

IMG_9966Chris Furgal:  The importance of scale in understanding and addressing Arctic food security

IMG_9967 Kristeen McTavish: Moving from results to action on food security in Nunatasiavut

2017-12-14 16.07.07
Lindsay Thackeray: The Role of Policy in Arctic Food (In)security: An Exploratory Case Study in one Inuit region of the Canadian Arctic

Topical Session: Education, Outreach, and Communication: How Can We Make Northern Research and its Outcomes More Relevant to the People Who Live There?
IMG_9973    IMG_9971 (1)
Shirin Nuesslein & Catriona Popoff: Evaluating contaminants learning: The Experience of the Nunavut Arctic College Environmental Technology Program’s wildlife, contaminants and health workshop

Topical Session: Co-Producing Knowledge of Wildlife Important for Subsistence in a Changing Climate
Paul McCarney:
Exploring the potential for knowledge co-production in the Arctic: Lessons from three case studies in Nunavut, Canada

Topical Session: Vulnerability, Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change in the Arctic
Eric Lede:  We don’t adapt in a vacuum: the role of multiple stressors in adaptation to climate change in Paulatuk, NT

Research Group Members’ Posters in the Health & Social Science Category 

20171214_210505 2 Banquet Dinner Poster Competition Awards
We are proud to announce that research group member Kristeen McTavish received the 2nd place prize for the Poster Competition Health & Social Science category!


IMG_9943Chris Furgal: A systematic review of food insecurity measurements among Indigenous populations in Northern Canada


IMG_9961Shirin Nuesslein: Key factors influencing food security status of vulnerable groups in Inuit communities: A case study of Elders in Nunatsiavut.

Katie_IMG_9941Katie Rosa: Changing ecosystems, wildlife management, and Indigenous knowledge and values: The case of tuktuvak (moose) and Inuit knowledge in Nunatsiavut.  
Kristeen McTavish:
Inuit Food Security in Nunatsiavut: The community-specific nature of a widespread public health issue.

Eric Lede: We don’t adapt in a vacuum: the role of multiple stressors in adaptation to climate change in Paulatuk, NT

Lindsay Thackery: The Role of Policy in Arctic Food: A case study of Nunavik

IK ADAPT Students and Young Researchers Network: Collaboration in Action: Lessons learned from working as a network of students and young researchers.

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