Basterfield, Mark

Mark Basterfield

Name: Mark Basterfield
Research Projects: Torngat Mountains Caribou Herd Inuit Knowledge, Culture, and Values Study; Nunavik Inuit Knowledge Polar Bear Study
Project location: Region of Nunavik
Current position: Research Assistant
Academic background: MSc in Environmental and Life Sciences (Trent University); BSc in Conservation Biology (Trent University)
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About the researcher: 

My graduate work focused on the spatial ecology of a small population of caribou in southeastern Manitoba. Through this project I became aware of and interested in the important connections between caribou and the history and future of many Indigenous people. After finishing my thesis I began work with the Health, Environment, and Indigenous Communities Research Group. My projects focus on Inuit Knowledge of wildlife as it relates to conservation, Inuit culture, lifestyle, and economy. We work together with Inuit elders and knowledge holders, who are willing to share their expertise on wildlife species through interviews, focus groups, and mapping sessions. This collaborative process yields a comprehensive documentation of Inuit Knowledge on the wildlife species in question. This provides a valuable resource to be used in consultation, supporting decision-making processes regarding species at risk and wildlife management.