Friendship, Katelyn

Name: Katelyn Friendship
Position: Former MA Student (Canadian Studies and Indigenous studies, Trent University)
Research Project: The Role of Indigenous Knowledge in Environmental Health Risk Management in Yukon, Canada
(Thesis – completed)
Academic background: MA Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies (Trent University); BSc Environmental Resource Studies/Science and Biology (Trent University) 
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About the researcher: 

It is from my experiences in Southeast Asia where I worked with Indigenous communities facing unique environmental conditions and challenges, that I became interested in analogous situations in Canada. My Masters research focused on getting a better understanding of northern Indigenous risk perception related to food safety (contaminants in traditional foods) and to identify the role that Indigenous knowledge plays in risk management processes to support more effective and culturally relevant benefit-risk management strategies.

Presently situated in Yukon Territory Canada working for the Arctic Institute for Community-Based Research, I have worked on multiple projects related to health, food security, climate change, and contaminants across the Canadian North. With a passion for health, the environment, community development and social justice, I strive to take an interdisciplinary and participatory approach in working with communities and others on health and environment issues. I am driven by the importance of doing “good research”, that is, research that is community-based and responds to community interests and priorities.

Publication: Friendship, K. Furgal, C. 2012. The Role of Indigenous Knowledge in Environmental Health Risk Management in Yukon Canada. International Journal of Circumpolar Health: 71.