Toll, Matt



Name: Matt Toll
Position: Current GIS Technician
Research Project: Various
Academic background: BA Honours in Geography and Environmental Studies (Lakehead University); Advanced Geographic Information Systems (Selkirk College)
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About the researcher:  

I have always been drawn to maps and the incredible amount of information they have the ability to convey. Once I saw how cartography – which interweaves statistical computing and the storage of GIS with artistic display – serves as an effective communication tool, I knew it was a specialization I wanted to explore.

I currently work with researchers at Trent University to map Traditional Ecological Knowledge. Through my work I’ve learned so much about the people and species that inhabit the Canadian Arctic, and I am proud to support the creation of more easily accessible information repositories that will assist Inuit communities in future planning initiatives. I assist research staff to develop interview materials so that hard copy graphic representations from community members can later be converted to digital datasets and mapping products. Among many other subjects, I have developed land use maps and travel route maps of caribou and beluga whales. These products have been delivered back to community participants, published in academic papers and shared with local governments to build upon the regional knowledge of a vast and dynamic landscape.