Juillet, Cedric

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Name: Dr. Cédric Juillet
esearch Project: Arctic food security and global changes: Towards a quantitative integrated approach to enhance decision-making capacity
Educational level: Postdoctoral fellow
University: Trent University
Academic background: MSc in Analysis and Modeling of Biological Systems (Université Claude Bernard Lyon, France); Ph.D. in Biology (Université Laval, Québec, Canada)
Contact information: cedric.juillet@gmail.com or cedricjuillet@trentu.ca

About the researcher:  

In the context of climate change and human development, arctic communities are, or will be, facing challenges to understand, mitigate and adapt to the impacts of a changing environment. Several local and government initiatives on climate change take the form of workshops, monitoring programs or case studies within specific themes (wildlife, economy, health, etc.). Developing a quantitative approach to integrate these different themes at a higher level and dealing with more complex systems will result in a more critical understanding of risks. Although much of the data exists, the approach to date has been predominantly qualitative. For communities experiencing and facing future pressures on food security, such as those along Eastern Canadian Arctic coasts, this is critical work to support decision making on the topics of food security, wildlife management and community health. The Canadian Arctic has been described, in part for the status of food security issues throughout the North, as the fourth world (third world conditions in a developed country). Therefore, in addition to exploring important and challenging applied scientific questions, this project will help address a fundamental and urgent need to support decision making on a critical environmental and public health issue for residents in this and other regions.