Gelinas, Veronique

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Name: Véronique Gélinas
Former MSc Student (Environment and Life Sciences, Trent University)
Research Project: Mixed Methods Approaches in Marine Mammal Science: A Case Study of the Bowhead Whale Distribution Patterns and Feeding Ecology in the Eastern Canadian Arctic (Nunavik) Using Complementary Approaches to Stable Isotope, Trace Elements and Inuit Knowledge Analysis (MSc Thesis – completed)
Academic background: Certificate in Public Communication; MSc in Environment and Life Sciences(Trent University); Multidisciplinary Bachelor in Geography, Biology and International Studies (Laval University)
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About the researcher:

As part of my Master’s thesis I interviewed Inuit elders and hunters in Nunavik (Northern Quebec) and combined the findings of these interviews with results from analyses of two stable isotopes (Carbon and Nitrogen) and 26 trace elements (stable isotopes and trace elements being great naturally occurring feeding behaviours indicators in living things) contained in baleen plates in order to understand the distribution and feeding ecology (where and on what it feeds) of the bowhead whales in Nunavik waters. Having a great interested in public perception of nature and its interaction with it, my project was a perfect match! I had the chance to meet fabulous people and get a better understanding of another culture and of another way to thinking. I also had the opportunity to sensibilize scientists to the importance of including local knowledge into their research to get a better understanding of their research question. I also contributed to expend the biological and cultural knowledge about an Arctic species that is subject to be affected by climate change.

Upon completion of my thesis, I graduated from a film production program in 2016. Since then, I have been working in the film production industry, in schools and newspapers as a science communicator, sharing my scientific knowledge with the public and using my public communication skills, which my Master’s program helped me develop.