Rajdev, Vinay

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Name: Vinay Rajdev
Current Research Assistant
Research Projects: Various
Academic background:  Master in Resource and Environmental Management (Dalhousie University); BSc in Environmental Science (Trent University)
Contact information: vinayrajdev@gmail.com

About the researcher:  

After my Honours in Environmental Science at Trent University, I started working for Dr. Furgal as a Research Assistant at the Department of Indigenous Environmental Studies in September 2008. My focus was on Arctic food security, particulary with Inuit communities, and Inuit’s perception of extreme temperature in the Arctic. I then went to Dalhousie University in Halifax in September 2009 and did a course-based Master of Resource and Environmental Management. My research project focused on identifying and characterizing existing food support mechanisms in Nunavik to address pressures on individual and household food security; identifying gaps and strengths in the existing network of support programs in order to make recommendations on program organization/orientation to better support food security in the region among vulnerable or ‘at risk’ segments of the population. After my Master’s degree, I continued working with Dr. Furgal as a Research Associate for the Health, Environment and Indigenous Communities Research Group. Some of the research projects I was involved were:

  • Systematic literature review on food security in the circumpolar region;
  • Systematic literature review in the circumpolar region about risk communication on contaminants by performing and using an evaluative approach to determine the effectiveness of public advisories in communicating risk on contaminants to Inuit communities in Arctic Canada;
  • Local knowledge on fish health and fish habitat in Husky Lakes, Inuvialuit Settlement Region;
  • Evaluation of BC food assessment tool used in Hopedale, Nunatsiavut and provided recommendations for culturally appropriated community-led Inuit food assessment tool;
  • Evaluation of community garden and community freezer initiated in Hopedale, Nunatsiavut and provided recommendations for improvements;
  • Policy recommendations on Inuit food security in Nunavut.

Since summer 2013, I moved to Calgary with my wife and I started working with the First Nations and Métis communities in Alberta. My work involved working with the Indigenous communities conducting Traditional Land Use studies in relation to the oilsand, pipeline and mining projects. I also provided regulatory support for these communities, managed their traditional land use database and produce ArcGIS maps. Currently, I am working at the Arctic Institute of North America as a researcher and Information Analyst. My research involves climate change and human heath in the Arctic region. For this project, the Arctic Institute is in partnership with the International Study of Arctic Change, which I am also a researcher for. As an Information Analyst, I manage and maintain the Arctic Science and Technology Information System (ASTIS) database and website. ASTIS currently has over 82,000 publications about the Arctic and northern Canada and it is available to the public to use. Whilst working at the Arctic Institute, I am doing consulting and research work on the side, and I am still continuing with Arctic food security projects with Dr. Furgal.