Thackeray, Lindsay

Name: Lindsay Thackeray
Position: Current MA Student (Sustainability Studies, Trent University)
Research Project/Theme: The Role of Policy in Arctic Food (In)security: A Case Study of Nunavik (MA Thesis – in progress)
Academic background: Bachelor of Environmental Science/Studies (B.E.S.S) (Trent University)
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About the researcher:  

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Studies at Trent University in 2015. This degree allowed me to study equally in both the ‘scientific’ and ‘non-scientific’ aspects of environmental topics. I was able to explore ideas related to biology, chemistry, politics, geography, international development and Indigenous studies, all from an environmental context.

I have always been particularly interested in the field of Indigenous Environmental Studies/Science, and its emphasis on bringing together both Indigenous knowledge and Western science. I was introduced to the concept of environmental health and its relationship to changing health status among Indigenous peoples by Dr. Chris Furgal. Motivated by his Indigenous Peoples, Health and the Environment course (INDG 3730), I began pursuing a Masters under Dr. Furgal’s supervision in 2015.

My thesis research explores the role of food and food-related policy in household food insecurity, using the Arctic region of Nunavik, Québec as a case study. Food is a central component to the health of populations, and is connected to many sectors of society including environment, health and economy. However, the issue of food insecurity is very prevalent in the region of Nunavik. My project explores the role of policy in addressing this heightened food insecurity


  • 2016-17 Canadian Graduate Scholarship from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)
  • 2015-2016 Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)