Dasne, Sylvie


Name: Anne-Sylvie Dasné
Position: Current Undergraduate Honours Thesis Student (Indigenous Environmental Science (IESS), Trent University)
Research Project: 
Factors influencing food security and nutritional status of university students (BSc Honours Thesis – in progress)
Contact information: annesylviedasne@trentu.ca

About the researcher:

I am a fourth year undergraduate student at Trent University in the Indigenous Environmental Science (BSc. IESS) program. I came to Trent to pursue my interest in food, food production and my love for nature. I was then introduced to Indigenous Knowledge (IK) which sparked a completely new interest in discovering my own indigeneity — an indigeneity that is strongly connected to my extensive knowledge of traditional dances from around the world, where African roots are deeply embedded. The IESS program has allowed me to further embrace my culture and spiritual background while weaving the scientific and indigenous knowledges together. My honours thesis research project is about food access and nutrition. It examines and identifies the factors influencing food security issues among the student population at Trent University, and student needs for proper diet and nutrition.