Dasne, Sylvie


Name: Anne-Sylvie Dasné
Position: Research Assistant
Academic Background: BSc. Honours Indigenous Environmental Science, Trent University
Research Project: 
Factors influencing food security and nutritional status of university students
Contact information: annesylviedasne@trentu.ca

About the researcher:

I am a recent graduate of Trent University from the Indigenous Environmental Science program. I came to Trent to pursue my interest in food, food production and my love for nature. I was then introduced to Indigenous Knowledge (IK), which sparked a completely new interest in finding my own indigeneity — an indigeneity that is strongly connected to my African roots.

My research looks at food access and nutrition among undergraduate students at Trent University.  The purpose is to identify and understand first-year students’ food access, the factors that influence that access, and relationships with aspects of their self-perceived health. It also examines student needs for proper diet and nutrition.