McCarney, Paul


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Name: McCarney, Paul
Position: Current PhD Student (Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University)
Research Project: A Case Study Approach to Examining Knowledge Co-Production: Inuit and Scientific Perspectives in Arctic Marine Wildlife Research in Nunavut, Canada (PhD Thesis – in progress)
Academic background: MA Canadian Studies & Indigenous Studies (Trent University), BA International Development / Indigenous Studies (Trent University), Dipl. Ecosystem Management Technology (Fleming College)
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I am interested in understanding how to facilitate the interaction of the social and natural sciences to contribute to decision-making that accounts for both the human and ecological dimensions of wildlife management. My current PhD research examines the interactions between scientific and community perspectives around wildlife research and management. I’m particularly interested in understanding how wildlife research priorities are determined and the quality of knowledge this research can contribute to decision-making that addresses both scientific and community interests. I am looking at the emerging field of transdisciplinary research, or knowledge co-production, as one model that can offer insights into effective ways to engage scientific and community actors in research and decision-making around wildlife in the Arctic. I am currently involved in marine mammal research in Kugaaruk, Nunavut and fisheries research in Pangnirtung, Nunavut.