Organ, Jennifer

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Name: Jennifer Organ
Former MA Student (Environmental Studies, Dalhousie University)
Research Project: Community freezers supporting food security: Perspectives from residents of Nain, Nunatsiavut (MA Thesis – completed)
Academic background: MA in Environmental Studies (Dalhousie University); BA Honours in Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism (Lakehead University); BA in Geography (Lakehead University)
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About the researcher:  

Participation in a summer field course in Pangnirtung, Nunavut, in 2006 is where my interest for Inuit harvesting practices began. After this course I also became increasingly interested in my own local food environment, and the ways that food shape communities. After a couple years away from academia I decided to return to school to re-visit my interests in local food systems. I feel very fortunate to be pursuing a graduate degree that allows me to stay connected with the region that has had much to do with the path I am currently on, while being based in my hometown of Halifax, NS.

About the research project:

Wild foods remain critically important for Canadian Inuit, however shifts in the natural, political, and economic environment are challenging households’ access to these foods. Community freezers are one form of response that many Canadian Inuit communities have adopted to support access to wild foods by residents. This study evaluates how one community freezer in Nain, Nunatsiavut supports access to wild foods for current users and identifies key factors for future community freezer management to consider to address current and anticipated future stresses on wild food access. Data were collected in November and December of 2010 through semi-structured interviews, focus groups, participant observation, and document collection and review. It is expected that project findings will better inform future community freezer management in Nunatsiavut and other Inuit regions, and inform future research and policy development regarding community freezers or other food support programs. This is a community-based project, conducted in cooperation with the Nunatsiavut Government.


  • 2011-12: Masters Scholarship from Nasivvik Centre for Inuit Health and Changing Environments
  • 2011: Winner of the CIHR-IAHP Scientific Director’s Award of Excellence
  • 2010-11: Masters Scholarship from Nasivvik Centre for Inuit Health and Changing Environments
  • 2010: Winner of the Inuit Partnership of Excellence Award