ERST/ERSC – INDG 3730YIndigenous Peoples, health and the environment

This course provides an introduction to the multidisciplinary field of environmental health and its application to understanding health among Indigenous Peoples. Students gain understanding of the concepts, theories and methods used in environmental health and apply this knowledge to the investigation of the changing health status of Indigenous populations.

INDG/ERST/C/NURS 4740Critical Investigations in Indigenous Peoples Health and the Environment

This course critically examines historical and contemporary issues in Indigenous peoples’ health with a particular emphasis on the relation to land and other dynamic environments as a determinant of health status. The course provides the development of a basic foundation in understanding the key determinants of health for Indigenous peoples in Canada and around the world. Through the development of student directed research papers in each term, supplemented with introductory and guest lectures and participation in seminar discussions, students critically review and discuss the current understanding in areas related to this emerging field.

INDG 6701PhD Dissertation Research Proposal Course

This course is a required course for students in their second year of the INDG PhD Program. It is designed to support students in developing an appropriate plan to carry out research for their dissertation. Students work through all stages of proposal development as part of this course. Issues such as positionality and relationship to research, ethics, and various components of a proposal are covered in instruction and assignments. Students begin to work with their dissertation supervisor over the academic year and are provided guidance by the course Instructor and their Supervisor in refining their research question, structuring the literature and source review, and the development of an appropriate methodology for carrying out their research.


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